Bridge Cliff

Bridge Cliff

1. Technitis (6c+) Very short and very hard, 2BRs.

2. By Proxy (6c+) Two hard moves, 2BRs.

3. Out Come the Freaks (7a) Still a two move wonder, 2BRs.

4. Fings Ain't What they used to be (7a+) ★ Desperate, staggered crackline stuff with 3PRs. More than fingery!

5. Kennelgarth (7b) ★ Thin groove and blank-looking wall. Arguments about English 6a or 6b persist.

6. Project (open)

7. Project (open)

Cave Wall

Situated up and to the left of the main cave and identifiable by a very prominent cave, this wall, after recent cleaning activities, now offers ten very worthwhile pitches.

1. Pis En Lit (6b+) ★ pleasant climbing up the left-hand side of the arete. Hard start.

2. Illegal Congress (6b) left-hand side of the front face via a small groove.

3. Family Values (6b) Right-hand side of front face. Pleasant climbing.

4. Stray Cats (7a) ★ Excellent route on compact rock. Hard start, then technical.

5. Puss Off (7a) ★ Superb juggy roof with a fine technical upper groove/ramp.

6. Each Way Nudger (6b+) ★ Pleasant climbing with a steep bulging finish.

7. When Push Comes to Shove (7a) ★ open wall climbing with a steep and technical finish

8. Call a Spade a Spade (6c) ★ Another good wall climb. Hard through the overhang.

9. Totally Radish (6b+) ★ Excellent exposed arete with thuggy roof start.

10. Durbin Two, Watson Nil (7c) ★ Desperate roof problem and easier shallow groove.