The Cornice topo

No topo yet, just a list of routes from left to right for now.

1. Bandwagon on Direction (7a) the leftmost route on the crag.

2. The Workhouse (7a+)

3. Poorlaw (6c+)

4. A Major Moment (7a) start below two opposite facing blocky flakes just above the first bolt. Move L on the break above before going up through the bulge and L to finish.

5. Supplementary Benefit (7a+) ★ start up the smooth slab.

6. Incapacity Benefit (7a+) ★★ high in the grade.

7. The Dole 1989 ★ (7b+) finishes below the top roof. Carrying on over the roof gives The Enterprise Allowance Finish (7c+)

8. Yorkshire 8b (8a) ★

9. Ape Index (8b+) ★ climbs the wall and bulges R of the previous route.

10. The Weakling (7c+) ★★ another double roof route.

11. The Wee Cling (7c) climbs Brachiation Dance to the notch then goes up and left to finish up the Weakling.

12. Brachiation Dance (7a+) ★★ takes a line through bulges via the prominent notch. Belay may be missing so jump off and lower of the last bolt.

13. The Free Monster (8a) ★★★ originally The Tea Monster until the bolt on hold was removed.

14. The Auctioneer (8a+)

15. Rumble in the Jungle (8a+) ★★★

16. Monsterosity (8b) ★★★ starts up Rumble to the big flake then heads leftwards to finish up Alabatrossity. Possibly harder since loss of holds.

17. Barbarossity (8b) ★★★ a direct finish to the last route climbing directly through the final roof between Rumble in the Jungle and Albatrossity.

18. Albatrossity (8a+) ★★★ as the name implies a big span is required. Maybe harder for smaller climbers.

19. Superfly (8a+) ★★

20. Superosity (8a+) ★★ a fully independent line despite the name.

21. Eclipsed (8a+) ★★

22. The Disillusioned Glue Machine (8a) ★★

23. Empire Burlesque (7c+) ★ shares the start with the last route branching out R from the horizontal break.

24. The Nasty Man (7c+) ★

25. Goldcrest (8a) ★ shares start with the last route up to the break.

26. Sirius (7c+) ★

27. Attila the Hun (7a+)

28. Catch the Rainbow (6b+) the rightmost route is also the easiest. No belay so climb/jump down and lower of the last bolt.