Stoney West topo

Way Out West (6a+) the wall to the left of Isolation

1. Isolation (6c) a short fingery face to a tree. Good climbing.

2. Let you Guard Down (6c+) ★ difficult overhang and steep wall.

The Guard (6b) short wall on the right. Step left to finish.

3. House on a Hill (6c+) short problematic wall.

4. Can't Climb, Won't Climb (7a) ★ Fine technical climbing with a difficult bulge and short headwall

5. Northerners Can't Climb E5 6b ★★ direct up the centre of the face. Bold, intimidating and superb.

6. Another Camden Day (6c+) ★★ a superb pitch with a technical lower wall and fine bulge and finale.

7. Southerners Can’t Climb (E3 5c) Long shallow groove to the black roof exiting L and up.

8. Whisper (6c+) boulder problem overhang and easier face above second bolt.

9. Joy or Despair (6a+) pleasant face climbing up the side wall with a tough start.

10. Contemplation (6c+) desperate bouldery start.

11. Apparition (5) thin flake line and bulge

12. Superstition (6c+) bulging wall with thin crack

13. The Seclusion (7a) a short intense wall.

14. No Greenwich Meantime (6c+) hard moves from layaways to a large bulge.

15. The Thrill of the Chase (6b+) good climbing with a short hard section off the break.

16. In Conversation (6b) ★ the technical face above a thin crack.

17. Libation (6b+) ★ a short intense sequence above the break.

18. An Illusion (6b) a good warm up via a vague pillar.

19. Late at Night (6b+) thin crack overlap and short arete.

Root Cause Analysis (6b) tricky lower wall to crack and belay out left.

20. Dust (5) 'path' through ivy to upper short corner.

Suffrage (6a+) easy lower wall to ledges and difficult final wall.

21. Suffocation (6a) straightforward climbing to an awkward bulge.

Little Sparrow (5) pleasant wal and shallow groove moving righ to a belay. Hazel Gibson

Voices (6a+) ★ pleasant face and trickier steeper section.

In Flight (7a+) ★ a desperate affair involving a flying leap from a diffcult to reach undercut.

Fred (HVS 5b) Obvious crackline through bulges to belay on right

Eddie Cochrane (6b+) easy line to difficult finale on tinies.

Setting of the Sun (6b) easier lower half of good rock to tricky bulge above ledge.

22. Satisfaction (6c) ★ a fine pitch with a fingery/boulder problem start.

23. Don't Talk to Strangers (6c) ★ boulder problem start and easing up the excellent black streak.

24. Procession (6b+) ★ long reach/boulder start and long but easier moves above.

25. Perilscope (6c+) ★ another very worthwhile pitch with excellent and fingery face climbing. There is a bouldery direct start. A direct on the original.

Shock (6c+) ★ a short tricky wall and shallow groove into the crackline on the right.

26.Horroscope (6c) leftwards line into fine thin crack.

27. The State of the Nation (6c) ★ a fingery bulge and good climbing via the obvious hole.

Stateside (6c+) ★ the slab to the right passing the overhang with difficulty

28. A Timer and a Place (6a) ★ pleasant arete moving rightwards through bulge to belay

29. Deconstruction (6a) pleasant face climbing to a final bulge

Got it Wrong (5+) ★ very pleasant face to the right.

30. No Finer Place (6a) slim wall with good climbing

31. Shake, Rattle and Roll (6b) ★ a difficult start and pleasant face climbing above. The Flipover Start (6b) a more direct start

Before too Long (6b) the overlap and pleasant wall to the right.