Garage Right

This shows both the centre and righthand side of Garage Buttress.

Turf ‘em Off (6b+) Easy lower wall right of Rippemoff to excellent steep wall that’s looks harder than the grade suggests.

10. Glue ’em Back (7b) leftwards line via intricate wall from left end of terrace.

There May be Rubble Ahead (7b+) unbalanced climbing with a desperate crux.

11. Dig for Victory (7c) the left most line from the ledge. The left-hand variant is Dig Deeper (8a).

12. Ozone Bozo (7c) ★ a tough problem from the left end of the ledge via a sling on a bolt. The dubious looking finishing flake is best avoided by climbing up the wall to the left.

13. Tollbar (8a+) ★★ fingery right-hand version of Ozone.

Double the Rubble (7c) the gently overhanging wall to the right.

14 Trouble with Rubble (8a) ★ short intense sequence taking an obvious line.

15. Big Apple (8a) ★ the faint blunt rib gives a fingery exercise.

16. Little Plum (8a, 7b+) ★★ the old classic with a desperate, boulder-problem lower wall and fine roof finale.

17. Lover’s Leap (7b+) ★ climbs the LH side of the Little Plum roof.

18. Ming the Merciless (8a+) ★ the first bolted line right of Little Plum

19. Virgin King (7b+) ★ finishes to the left of the the line that is marked.

20. Smoothlands (6a) short lower wall warm up

21. Lowerlands (5) right-hand warm up.

22. Lowlands (6c+) ★ technical blunt rib, feels tricky for the grade and now has a new finish via a shallow groove, bulge and headwall.

23. Dreamcatcher (6b+) ★★ a long route packed with interest: a technical lower wall and engrossing final bulge.

24. Creamsnatcher (6b) ★ the right-hand line gives pleasant sustained interest.

Gulp and Go (6b+) ★ start R of Creamsnatcher, joining that route in the centre before breaking out R and continuing up with a short difficult sequence above the Pendulum break. 70m rope required

The next routes start further right…

25. Can’t Stop Now (6c) ★ short hard section branching off left from 4000. Finishes at a belay below the main break. There are two extentions:

Redeployed (6c+) ★ the left-hand extension above the belay past a prominent undercut with hard moves to reach it.

Up Yours (7a) the RH extension above the belay of Can’t Stop Now.

26. Four Thousand (6c) ★ starts up the left most line then takes the second line of bolts breaking out right. Finishes up a groove above the main break. Lowering off at the belay before the break is 2000 (6a+).

27. Onwards and Upwards (6a) ★ start up 4000 but take the first line of bolts straight up and right. BB below the first break.

28. Nowt about Change (6b) ★ to the R a parallel line to the previous route with a tricky finale on layaways.

Just End It! (6a+) ★ start through overlap then direct via shallow groove up to a BB between the two main breaks.

End, Stop, Finale (6b) the next line going rightwards through overlap and ledges to blunt rib.

The Last Stop (5) start up the previous route but then take the RH line of bolts to a steep finale.