Sit Down Buttress


Unknown climber on the classic 6b, Stand Out Arete

Unknown climber on the classic 6b, Stand Out Arete

An open and exposed face known to the locals as the Sphinx, this impressive buttress is easily seen to the right of the horseshoe bend when travelling from the parking area of Horseshoe Quarry towards Stoney Middleton. It gives a handful of routes with ease of access, ideal for a summer’s evening.


There is one small lay-by right on the crown of the bend on the right-hand side of the road when coming from Horseshoe Quarry. Otherwise take the right turn before the bend when coming from Horseshoe and park a little way up on the left (as for Darlton 2). From the first parking spot walk up the slope, hop over the fence and the crag is up and to the left. You can also approach as for Darlton 2 veering left on the path instead of right. The crag is very visible.


The crag is very open, with one south face and one west face, and gets the sun almost all day long but can be breezy due to its open aspect. The rock is good and in an exposed position.


As with all quarries, access is forbidden. Please be discrete and if asked to leave do so quietly.