Heart Buttresses

Heart to Heart Buttress

1. Nine Eleven (6a) shallow groove to rightwards exit

2. Seven Eleven (6b) good moves up the left-hand side of the arete.

3. Tors Colon (6c+) right-hand side of left arete.

4. Vent Your Spleen (7b) * hard low-level problem to pumpy finale

5. Heart to Heart E4 6a left-hand crack.

6. Sliver (6c+) * right-hand of two cracks. Good when dry.

7. The Stomach Pump (7b) the thin bashed crack.

8. Skin Flint (6c) face from top of blocks.

9. Bad Blood (6b+) swing right and up into crackline.

10. Blood Bank (6b) wall gained from gully below.

11. There Will Be Blood (6b) right-hand branch off Blood Bank. Good.

12. Sharing Best Practice (6b) arete with tricky central section.

Guoranga Buttress

Five routes exist to the right of this bay:

Top Gobbler (5+) right-hand side of wall behind rose bed, Chicken Feed (6a) wall and wide crack, The Farmer's Seed (6b) left-hand side of wall with long pull at top.

1. Turkey Shoot (6a+) right-hand line on small wall. Fine Rock.

2. Steeping the Goose (6c) the left-hand line

3. Christmas Presence (6c+) right arete of Guoranga bay.

4. The Gobbler (5+) rib and jamming crack above ledge.

5. Hang Fire (6a) third pillar right of main angle of bay

6. The Fire Hang (6b) second pillar right of the main angle of the bay

7. Unhung (6a+) first pillar right of the angle of the bay.

4. Minni-Grip (7a+) short desperate face.

5. Guoranga (6c) * very technical wall left of obvious crack. High in grade.

6. Foreign Tongues (6a) obvious groove line to same belay.

7. Porgi Amor (6b) left-hand groove after same start.

8. Therapy (6b+) obvious black wall requiring long reaches.

9. Treatment (6b) face just left avoiding crack.

10. Unruly Behavior (6a+)

11. Bad Boys Ink (6a+).

12. Pig in a Poke (5) * pleasant shallow groove.

NYD (6a+) is an isolated wall 30m to left.