Upper Tier Right

Goddards upper tier topo

This is the wall at the top right-hand side of the quarry gained by walking into the base of the quarry and walking up the slope to its right to meet its right-hand end. There are three little buttress with a group of routes on each.

1. Man on a Wire (6a+) steep moves through left side of overlap

2. Scoob Wall (6a) steep pulls to a thin crack

3. Goddard’s Groove VS 4c the crack and groove to the right

Goddards upper tier topo

1. Slow Worm (5+) open corner swinging right to a finishing crack

2. The Snake (6a) snaking crack above ledge to wider finishing crack

Goddards upper tier topo

1. USA Nails (6a+) the gentle wall and steep finishing crack

2. Viper (6b) right-hand side of wall to steep final

Gpddards upper tier topo

1. Winner Stays On (6a+) the arête is very pleasant if you keep on the line

2. Anaconda (6a) centre of wall to steep finish

3. Act Natural (6a) another good little arête

Gpddards upper tier topo

1. Once Bitten (6a+) the left-hand arête to a relatively low lower off

2. Silent Front (6a) a good little pitch finishing on an arête and via a thin crack

3. Twice Shy (6a+) the wall past a flake and prow

Gpddards upper tier topo

1. Shakin’ Snakin’ (6a+) the left-hand of two arêtes is good

2. Mamma Mamba (4) the easier right-hand arête

3. Project