White Stripes Wall

This is the wall on the right as you enter the quarry. It is still a little dusty and requires some traffic but should clean up in time.

1. Still Game (5+) * The leftmost route is alongside an impressive 'plank' bolted to the cliff

2. Orange Darlton (5) a short affair one orange-tinted rock

3. Who Be Darlton? (5) the left-hand side of the slab

4. Darlton Slab VS 4c takes the pleasant slabby face right of this and may get bolted

5. Bucket List (5+) takes the faint leftwards trending line around to the right.

6. Bouquet Twist(6a) vague line via a cleaned wall

7. Hyacinth Bouquet (6a) another cleaned line

8. Bar Humbugs(6a) pleasant face climbing requiring traffic.

9. Dead Men's Boots (5+) left-hand of two lines to shared belay

10. Born to Act Daft (4) right-hand of two lines to shared belay there is a variation start to the left of the same grade: Head on the Pole (5+)

11. Steep Stripe (6b) a steep hold with good holds and a tricky finale on the headwall.

12. Cut of the Stripe (6a+) shallow groove and final rib

13. Unstriped (6c+) arete after moving left from next route. Some good moves

14. Striptease (6b+) the obvious line is the best route on these walls

White Lines (6b) above the pile of blocks, high in the grade.

15. White Stripes (6b) steep start then easier climbing above

16. Stripey (6b) another bulge start and easier above

17. Bring out the Deck Chairs (6b) shallow groove start then pleasant enough pillar

18. On Stripe (6b) slim pillar line

19. Stripeless (6b) another slim pillar line