Chunky Buttress

aka Upper Tier Right

The first routes you come to in the quarry are part of Chunky Buttress. A little further left is the adjoining Sandy Wall.

The first 3 routes are part of Sandy Wall (see full topo)

1. Rhubarb (6b+) , 2. Custard (6b+) , 3. Latin Lingo (6a+)

4. Tower of Treats (6b)

5. Vlad (6a+)

6. Chunky (6b)

The next routes are just around the corner of the buttress.

1. Bride of Chunky (6b+) the arete, difficult, to easier climbing

2. Lurid Persona (6b) a more balanced line

3. Cous Cous (6b+) more of a one move or two wonder

4. Downstream Takeaway (6b) the right-hand line gives a few good moves

Odd-bod junior (6a) is a RH start to Downstream Takeaway.