Sandy Wall

Just to the L of the Chunky Buttress routes is a smoother wall with a series of short, athletic and bouldery routes. The wall gets some sun in the morning though tree cover provide some shade. It rarely gets wet making it a popular spot for damp days too.

1. There will be Mud (6c+) The furthest left line on the wall. Start by scrambling up to the big tree. 4BRs

2. My Empire of Dirt (7a) finds a way up the wall via an intricate series of bouldery moves. 6BRs

3. Rhubarb (6c) ★ Another toughie. Branches L out of the right-hand line via a hueco. Powerful moves on good holds and perhaps the best on the wall. 5BRs

4. Custard (6b+) ★the right-hand line has a tricky crux for all but the very tall. 5BRs

5. There Will Be Crud (6b+) one tough move then it eases. Challenging. 4BRs

6. Latin Lingo (6a+) a steep route starting up the obvious crack.

The three routes R of here are part of Chunky Buttress and are from L to R: Tower of Treats (6b), Vlad (6a+) and Chunky (6b)