Weedkiller Area

Chimes area at Raven Tor

1. Evolution (8c+) ★★★
Classic hard test 90’s testpiece still sees relatively few repeats. Used as a start to Devolution (8c) Stevolution (9a) and Mutation (9a+)
F.A. Jerry Moffat 1995

2. Baby Chimes (8a) ★★
The roof right of Evolution finishing at thin break is both powerful and baffling.
F.A. Andy Pollit 1986. Reclimbed after rockfall by Ben Moon in 1990

3. The Green Alternative (7c+)
Start as for Baby Chimes then move right and fight your way to jugs and the belay.
F.A. Mark Pretty 2007

4. Weedkiller (7c+)
Right again a fierce roof lead to a layback move to gain jugs and the belay. Harder for the short.
F.A. Tim Freeman 1984 at 7b. Reclimbed by Steve Lewis (1990) and others after rockfall

5. Rooster Booster pitch 1 (7c+)
Start up Sardine to the first break and follow this to the belay on Weedkiller.
F.A. Jerry Moffatt 1982

6. Allo Ethique (8a?)
Links Weedkiller into Sardine via Rooster Booster pitch 1. Rarely repeated and harder than it was originally.
F.A. JB Tribout 1985