Raven Tor Right

The RH end of the crag is much shorter and popular with boulderers. The main difficulties are often, but not always, in the steeper first few metres.

Raven Tor Right

1. The Wild West (8c+)
The bulging wall to the right of A Little Extra followed by the thin wall above moving rightwards to join Hooligan gives this rarely repeated route.
F.A. Dawid Skoczylas 2016

2. Hooligan (8c)
More desperate bouldering and thin face climbing to the right of The Wild West
F.A. Steve Dunning 2003

The Southern Hooligan (9a)
A very hard boulder problem (8B+/8C) leads to an easier finish. See video.
F.A. Will Bosi 2022

3. Boot Boys (8a+) ★★
To the right of Hooligan is a promient jug at 3 metres. From this a hard move on a mono leads to better pockets. Fierce pulls off an undercut and crimps above lead leftwards to better holds and the belay.
F.A. Andy Pollit 1987

4. Out of My Boots (7c)
As for Boot Boys to the first jug then pull right with difficulty to the big jug on Out of My Tree. Finish up this.
Steve McClure 1998

5. Out of My Tree (8a) ★★
A difficult pull on pockets leads to a good hold from where another hard move gains a jug and easier ground.
F.A. Andy Pollit 1987

6. Dialectics (8a+)
Gain the first good hold on Out of My Tree then move right and up with difficulty.
F.A. Mark Pretty 1993

7. Pump Up the Power (8a+)
Just to the right gain a pocket easily then very difficult moves on poor edges leads to a good hold and a belay. Often highballed at font 7C+.
F.A. Ben Moon 1987

Raven Tor Right

8. Rattle and Hump (8a)
Three metres right of Pump Up the Power a tricky boulder problem leads to a jug. From here hard moves left lead to better holds and the top.
F.A. Malcolm Taylor 1989

9. Seraphim (8b+)
Hard moves leftwards out of the start of Wild in Me lead to an easier though not easy, upper wall.
F.A. Rupert Davis 2007

10. Wild in Me (7c) ★★
A tricky boulder problem start is followed by a fierce pull to gain an obvious undercut. Thin moves above lead to easier ground.
F.A. Richard Davis 1986. Mark Pretty without chipped hold 1993

11. Super High Intensity Bodybuilding (7a)
A hard pull on pockets lead to an undercut and then a good hold. From here further tricky moves lead to easier climbing and the belay.
F.A. Steve Lewis 1986

Saline Drip (E5 6b)
The smooth wall at the right end of the crag gives a hard fingery highball problem (7A).
F.A. Ron Fawcett 1981