Raven Tor Centre

Raven Tor Central

1. Jehovahkill (8b+) ★★
The attactive line of sidepulls and flakes is much harder than may first appear. Good climbing, rarely repeated.
F.A. John Welford 1993

2. Revelations (8b) ★★★
Takes the obvious rounded arete feature. The crux pocket can seep and has diminished in size after excessive blowtorching.
F.A. Jerry Moffatt 1984

3. Hubble (9a) ★★
The most famous route at Raven Tor and the world’s first 8c+ is now widely considered to be the world’s first 9a.
F.A. Ben Moon 1990

4. Brandenburg Gate (9a+) ★★
The old aid line was first conceived as a free route shortly after Hubble was climbed. It took over 3 decades for the final free ascent. Low in the grade. Finishes up Make It Funky.
F.A. Will Bosi 2021

5. Make It Funky (8c) ★★
Now usually climbed by a slightly more direct start.

6. Make It Funky original start (8c) ★★
F.A. Mark Pretty 1993

7. Persian Dawn (8c+) ★★
Adds a font 7C boulder problem direct finish to Make It Funky.
F.A. Buster Martin 2021

8. Mecca (8b with kneepad, 8b+ without) ★★★
The UK’s first 8b+ is typically climbed with kneepads nowadays making it somewhat less of a challenge. Takes the obvious groove.
F.A. Martin Atkinson 1988

9. Evolution (8c+) ★★★
Classic Moffatt testpiece and the first part of Mutation (9a+).
F.A. Jerry Moffatt 1995

10. Baby Chimes (8a) ★★
The first part of Chimes of Freedom is now much harder than when it was first climbed. A hard and complicated boulder problem.
F.A. Andy Pollit 1986. Reclimbed by Ben Moon after rockfall in 1990