Ergonomic Buttress


This is the obvious buttress slightly downstream from Ravens Tor in Miller’s Dale and on the opposite bank. It has a clutch of steep roof-type climbs with one gentler wall in between.


Park as for Ravens Tor and walk down the road to the first bridge across the river. The cliff is on the opposite bank

The Routes

egonomic Butress

Starting with the wall on the left.

1. Ergonomic Policy (6b)
Easy wall to reachy bulge and steep pull finale

2. Id-iot Nation (6a)
Pleasant wall climbing

3. Ergonomic Assessment (6a+)
Pleasant sustained face, all nice and gentle

4. Simple Ergonomics (7a)
Powerful overlaps with a hallow block and hard pull out

5. Ergo, Ego, Igo (6c)
A short series of overlaps. Good

6. Id, Ad, Od (6c+)
The right-hand series of overlaps is more problematic

7. Ergotista (6b)
Slight affair via overhang