Streaming Wall

The Streaming Walls topo

This is the name given to the blackened walls to the right. They only dry out in the summer months and will need cleaning before an ascent.

10. Black and Blue (6c)
Lower wall to break via blue streak.

11. On Stream (7a)
Tricky blunt rib moving right and via upper wall and left side of overlap. Has suffered a rock fall.

12. The Streaming Dream (7a+)
Hard lower wall and centre of strip roof.

13. Streamline (7b)
Sustained, fingery black lower wall and fine bold rib.

14. A Drip Round the Ear (7a)
The left-hand side of the arête. Fingery

15. A Drip off the Old Block (6a+)
The shallow corner system to the right. Ends at half height.

16. Cause Celebre (7b)
The blunt rib gives a taxing pitch.