Long Tor RH

1. The Wrong Alto (6c) arete on left gained from route 3. Steep!

2. Mezzo Forte (6b+) centre of leaning wall. Good.

3. Pianissimo (6b+) ★ unusual route via steep face and finishing ramp.

4. Baritone Crime (6c+) ★ steep face with good holds to ledge and powerful finishing sequence.

5. Lend me Your Tenor (6c+) difficult lower wall with lunge to ledge. Technical corner finishing on right arete.

6. Bass Crack (6b) obvious crackline with difficult entry and steep starting wall.

7. Born to be a Bass Player (6a+) ★ excellent delicate face to steep wall and prominent crack.

8. Baseline (6a+) ★ gentle lower wall to unusual corner and steep finale in crack on left

9. Bass Race (6b) ★ pleasant face to sharp arete and steep finale direct. Excellent.

10. Don't Blame Me on it! (6c+) ★ blank-looking face finishing in corner.

Ugle (7a+) ★ technical face climbing up the white streak

11. Human Capital (6c+) ★★ excellent face climbing leading through a bulge to a final groove/overlap

12. Scum Manifesto (7a+ )★★ another fine climbing culminating in a hard finale on the final, smooth-looking wall.

13. The Mud and the Blood and the Beer (5+) pleasant climbing on right-hand side of face.

Grimbles (5+) easy ledges to difficult slab finale.

Grime Time (5+) thin rib above ledge to the right.