Posers Walls

Posing Pouch (6a+) tricky starting wall then easier

Voyeur (6a) wall left of slim groove.

1. Posing till the End (5) the left-hand arete of the wall.

2. I am a Poser and I Don't Care (5) a direct line to the right keeping to the line of bolts

3. Garth was 'ere (6a) pleasant face climbing, steep to start but gradually easing off.

4. In Vision (6a+) ★ a faint shallow groove with a technical central section.

5. Out-a-Sight, Out-a-Mind (6a+) long slabby face climbing via shallow groove and scoop. Finish leftwards from last bolt runner

5a. Pose On (6a) right-hand branch off Out-a-Sight.

6. Above 30 (7b) ★ hard start and branches left from second 'ledge' to climb the very thin headwall. Easier for the tall.

7. Just this Side of 30 (7a) ★ from the second bolt runner, move right and fire up the wall with one more trying move.

8. Taste the Grit (6b+) ★ the right-hand arete of the wall taken on its left-hand side. More grit than limestone.

On the wall facing this wall is Keep Sake (6a).the left-hand line behind the tree and Fail Safe (6b) a brushed smooth-looking face.