Blue Sky Walls

1. What a Pity (6a) shallow groove right of arete finishing rightwards

2. Slate Gray Lining (5+) front face of pillar with tricky start.

3. Swooping on Nigel's Ruby (5+) pleasant face to tricky exit.

4. The Desperation of Freedonia (6a) slabby wall to ledge and steep finish all right of degenerating groove.

5. The Reincarnation of Catatonia (6a) slim groove system with tricky finish.

6. The Execution of Dysphasia (6a) easy start via ledges to steep groove and awkward finale.

7. A Revolution for Dyspepsia (6a) difficult mantelshelf start, then slightly left and up via shallow groove and nose.

8. The Destitution of Threedonia (6b+) shallow groove and rib and wall.

9. The Evolution of Micradia (5+) ★ long slabby pillar right of shallow groove line. Lies just to the left of the Booze Cruise.

10. The One in Ten (6a+) ★ another long pitch via a steep upper section.