Reynard's Arch


From Milldale follow the tourist trail for about 2.5km (1.5 miles) or 30 minutes. Reynard's Arch is popular with tourists and the steep path up to the the arch is fairly obvious on the left side of the track.

Reynards Arch front view

1. The Lime Arch (6b+) ★★ the left wall of the arch has surprisingly good holds

2. Arch Rival (7a) ★ good climbing finishing up the back of the right side.

3. Arch Enemies (7c) ★★★ the classic of the crag features powerful roof climbing

4. Sworn Enemy (8a) ★★ a longer approach to the Arch Enemies roof.

5. ?? (7a)

6. Things Ain't Like They Used to be (7a+) ★

7. Can You Believe It? (6b)

Reynard's Kitchen

Reynard's Kitchen

Just beyond Reynard's Arch, further up the hill, is a smaller arch of rock that has many boulder problems and one route:

Jonah's Boner (7c) ★★ climbs the right side of the cave.