Dove Holes


Park in the carpark in Milldale, walk through the hamlet and turn right to pick up the tourist trail. Follow this for about 1.5km (1 mile) to reach Dove Holes.

Left Dove Hole

Dove Holes - left Dove hole

The Archers (7b) starts up the left side of the small hole moves right then goes over the roof to a belay.

Riders of the Lost Arch (8a) starts up The Archers then traverses the break right below the roof to join Pangolin.

Pangolin (8a) climbs the right pillar of the small hole taking the LH branch above.

Raw Iron (7c+)

Restricted Practices (7b) climbs the wall between the two caves trending leftwards.

Right Dove Hole

Right Dove Hole

1. The Oval (8b) ★★ a steep line following the edge of the right hand side of the big, right-hand Dove Hole.

2. Police and Thieves (6c+) ★★ climbs the face R of the right Dove Hole branching leftwards.

3. The Umpire (6b+) ★as above but branching rightwards.

There is also a Youtube video demonstrating some of the routes here: Dove Holes video