Main Wall Right

Two Tier Main Wall Right topo

14. Ra E4 6a
Tight V groove to left onto grassy ground.

15. The Cruise Brothers (7a+)
Another short and difficult test-piece.

16. Luck be the Magic Number (7a+)
Short and difficult test piece on rib..

17. Some Coincidence (7a+)
Left side of wall on superb rock. Finish rightwards. Excellent though blind moves.

18. Rising Sap (6c)
Hard moves left of BRs from ledge, then flakes above. It’s easier if you use the start of Osiris at the bottom (6b+).

19. Osiris (E1 5a)
The rightward trending corner with poor protection.

20. Subterfuge (6c)
Another tricky bulge and then the left edge of the scoop.

21. Quality Control (7a) ★★
Over the bulge and via the right edge of the scoop. Exit left.

22. Nogads (7b+)
An unlikely looking start over bulge leads to an easier wall. Go leftwards or direct at 7c.

23. Blockhead (7b)
Start below a short groove that ends in a bulge. Climb up left to gain a good flake and continue up the right wall of the groove via two glued on holds.

24. Reasons to be Cheerful (7b+)
Technical excellence via right edge of groove.

25. The Inbetweenies (7a+)
An intense sequence to left over slight bulge.

26. What a Waste (6c+)
Desperate past the 2nd BR. Start via groove.

27. Tippers (7a)
A short desperate wall leads to easy ground and a BB above.

28. Tip Dollar (6a+)
The short and pleasant on rib. New belay added in 2023.