The Upper Tier

1. Sibser (7b+) desperate technical moves via 2BRs

2. Disjointed Might E5 6a obvious reddened flake and disjointed crackline

3. Aggrieved (6c+) wall between Disjointed Might and Monster Mouse

4. Monster Mouse Resurgent E4 6b (7a) ★ a shallow groove, roof and open groove just left.

5. Reward (7b ) ★ the blank-looking wall just left to the roof. Surmounting this gives you the problem to a letterbox hold above

6. The Tier Drop Explodes (7c) ★ hard fingery climbing up the cream streak
gain the roof. Cross this to a BB.

7. The Sea is a Brown Paper Bag (7b+) ★★★ classic. The technical scoop and flake above the break. Immaculate. Cardboard Box Variation (7c) moves left from the last bolt runner to climb the desperate wall via thin seam.

8. A Vision of Loveliness (8a) ★★ fingery and technical climbing leads to the break. The difficulties above this gain improving holds up the wall.

9. The Curse of the Mummy (8a) the hanging scoop and wall. has been rebolted and reclimbed.

10. Hardcorejunkie (8b) the desperate wall to the left via a faint groove.

11. Darl Pitch 2 (7b) ★a hard little sequence to gain the break.

There are two magnificent traverses of Two Tier Buttress with an incredible combination pitch linking them both. All three are incredible stamina problems: Nervous Breakdown (7b+) ★★★ begin by climbing Reward to gain the break and then follow this leftwards to a belay atop the Curse of the Mummy, 14BRs.

Communication Breakdown 7c+ ★★★ this time start by climbing Darl pitch 2 to the break and then follow this rightwards to the belay of the Curse of the Mummy, 15BRs.

Total Breakdown 7c+ ★★★ combines the two pitches by starting up Communication Breakdown and following this through the belay and reversing Nervous Breakdown to finish over the roof of Reward. Have you got enough clips, you need at least 30!