Two Tier Left (RH topo)

1. Tip Dollar (6b) short and pleasant on rib

2. Tippers (7a) short desperate wall to easy ground and BB above.

3. What a Waste (6c+) (hangers). Desperate past the 2nd BR. Start via groove.

4. The Inbetweenies (7a+) ★ intense sequence to left over slight bulge.

5. Reasons to be Cheerful (7b+) ★ technical excellence via right edge of scoop.

6. Blockhead (7b) ★ short fingery desperate with two glued on holds.

7. Nogads (7b+) ★ hard fingery start over bulge onto easier wall. Leftwards or direct (7c).

8. Quality Control (7a) ★★ over the bulge and via the right edge of the scoop. Exit left.

9. Subterfuge (6c) ★ another tricky bulge and then the left edge of the scoop.

10. Rising Sap (6c) ★ hard moves left of BRs from ledge, then flakes above.

11. Some Coincidence (7a+) ★ left side of wall on superb rock. Finish rightwards. Excellent though blind moves

12. Luck be the Magic Number (7a+) short and difficult test piece on rib..

13. The Cruise Brothers (7a+) another short and difficult test-piece.

14. Ra E4 6a tight V groove to left onto grassy ground.

15. Daylight Robbery (7b) ★★ superb sustained exercise on leaning wall to left.

16. Ninth Life E6 6b ★★ the infamously bold shallow groove line. PR with little else above.

17. Bored (7b+) poor and unpopular line avoiding line on right at start

18. Orange Sunshine (7c+) ★★ steep and desperate line via nose of buttress

19. Why Me? (7c) ★★ popular and fingery line centred around difficult undercut.

20. Darl (7a+) ★★ super line via shallow groove exit

21. Countdown (7b) ★★★ superb direct line in centre of buttress.