Clarion Call Sector

The Cornice Clarion Call topo

1. Clarion Call (6c+) ★★★
Classic and perhaps the UK’s first sport route. Technical start and sustained above.
F.A. Gary Gibson 1983

The Poppy Fields (7b+)
A suprisingly good eliminate squeezed onto the rock between the two classics.
F.A. Simon Lee 2004

2. Armistice Day (7a) ★★★
Sustained throughout with crux through obvious overlap.
F.A. Gary Gibson 1984

3. Who’s Line is it Anyway (7a+) ★★
Another fine sustained pitch with hard moves direct at 2nd BR and 4th.
F.A. Jon de Montjoye 1989

4. Big Store E5 6b ★★ trad. climbing via arched groove and span left
F.A. Gary Gibson 1984

5. The Egyptian Bizarre E5 6b direct finish to Big Store, 2BRs.
F.A. Jon de Montjoye 1989

6. Big Zipper (7a+) ★
Line to right. Fingery rightwards exit through bulge.
F.A. Gary Gibson 1986

7. Bored of the Lies (7b+) ★★
An excellent wall pitch. Technical and sustained with crux right and up at top.
Mark Pretty 1986

8. Ouijaboard (8a) ★★
Harder and more fingery wall to right. Harder the higher you get.
F.A. Dave Cross 1987

9. Four Door Dostoyevsky (8a+) ★★ shallow curving groove with desperate technicalities above break. Sharp.
F.A. Sean Myles 1989

10. Powerplant (8a) ★★★
The classic of its grade in the Dale. The difficulties are centred around the overlap. Powerpant (8a) connects Powerplant with Devonshire Arms from just the first crux on the former.
F.A. Chris Plant 1988

11. Devonshire Arms (8a+) ★★★
The even more powerful wall to the right. Crimps, pinches provide the sequence.
F.A. Craig Devonshire 1997

12. K3 (8a+) ★★★
Undercutting nightmare leftwards through bulge and finally up.
F.A. Seb Grieve 1994

12a K5 (8b)
Start up K3 but when you get to the ‘pancake’ undercuts step left into Devonshire Arms then left again into Powerplant above the crux, finish up this.
Kristian Clemmow 2011

12b K2 (8c)
Continues from Poweplant across Fourdoor to the belay of Bored.
F.A. Steve McClure 2011

13. 42 (8b+) ★★★
A more direct line than K3 after flat flake. Hardest route hereabouts.
John Hart 1995

13a 32 (8b+) ★★
The bulges to the right to join R’n’P.
F.A. Kristian Clemmow 2007

13b The Anatomy Act (8b+) ★★ Climb 32 to it’s junction with R’n’P then climb straight up the wall to join and finish up Snatch.
F.A. Alex Barrows 2018

14. R’n’P (8a+) ★★★
Mean. More undercuts to the right gain the upper wall at a scoop. Easier above?
F.A. John Hart 1990

Barney Ragin' (8b+) ★★
Starts up R’n’P but goes R through the bulge via a slot and continues up to join and finish up Love Amongst the Butterflies Links the start of R’n’P with Love Amongst the Butterflies.
James McHaffie 2010

15. Love Amongst the Butterflies (8b) ★★★
The antithesis of all to the left. Technicalities in the extreme. Keep crimping.
Seb Grieve 1996

16. Asia Shadow Player (8b) ★★
A direct finish to Butterflies. Hideous.
Steve McClure 1997

Somehow Super (8c) ★★
Starts as for Love Amongst the Butterflies but go straight up.
Steve McClure 1997