Armblaster Sector

The Armblaster sector topo

Forehead Trombones (7b+) ★
An obvious flake groove above the 8th stepping stone with a hard bulge above.

Sharp Practice (8a+) ★★
The desperate leaning wall above the first steeping stone

1. Masculine Power Trip (8a+) ★
The even more desperate overhanging thin crack, shallow groove line

2. Mescaline Power Trip (8a) ★
Tough stuff off a pile of boulders. The bulge above provides a double wammy.

3. Wright-On (7c+) ★
More bouldery moves onto slab and another double wammy overlap.

4. Wright to Left (7c) ★
Hard moves into hanging groove then the line takes the name of the route, well almost.

5. Taylor Made (7c) ★★
Into the groove then the left-hand exit through the overlap. Powerful for the grade.

6. Feminine Ego Trip (7c+) ★
The right-hand exit from the groove with a particularly trying final move.

7. Nemesis (8a+) ★★★
Overhanging fingerboard/cellar climbing to the top. Starts just left of impressive groove. The is a Right-Hand Finish (8b) ★★★ finishing right and up after the original’s crux.

Clematis (8b) ★★
A harder finish to Nemesis. NB. Finish on the jugs at the top of the crag and then drop back down to the belay.

Bricktop (8b) ★★
Breaks out from Nemesis where that route moves L and climbs directly up the wall above.

8. Monumental Armblaster (8a+) ★★★
The major diagonal L to R groove line provides a major classic but is rarely completely dry. Knee bars, fingery moves etc, etc.

9. Malcolm X (8b+) ★★★ Another major line crossing the Armblaster into even steeper terrain.

Gran Tetcho (8b) ★★★
Large roof and left to right flakeline about 25ft left of jug Jockey.

Techno Prisoners (8b+)
Obvious and nails!

10. The Jug Jockey (7c+) ★★★
A powerful problem through the centre of the strip roof. Start via crescent-shaped flake.

Easy Rider (7c+) ★★
Up Jug Jockey to the roof then swarm right along a break to a tricky exit and easier headwall.

11. Dreadnought (8c) ★★★
Orange-coloured wall, then the roof, then the crux! Stunning

12. Roof Warrior (8a) ★★★
More roof climbing taking the end of the roof. Brilliant.

13. Cry of Despair (7c) ★★★
At last easier but no less fine. Gain the hanging groove by sustained moves. Exit carefully.

14. Rapid City (8a) ★
Desperate moves off a high sloper and equally hard moves through overlap.