Second Lift

Second Lift topo

1. Mississippi Burning (7a)
hard sequence of moves on left-hand side of wall. Reachy.

2. Tricky Dicky (6c+)
first route right of crackline. Glued on hold.

3. The Black and White Minstrel Show (7b)
Desperate sequence to right. Has lost good hold, not climbed since.

4. Rustie Lee (7a)
Best route on buttress via scoop and airy finish.

5. Daddy’s Riding the Range (7a+)
hard sequence on wall to right after balls-out start.

6. Close Control (6b+)
Wall and groove on left-hand side of arête. Pleasant.

7. White Riot (6a+)
Pleasant face on the right-hand side of the arête.

8. Iron Filings (6c)
Left-hand line of three on white wall around to right. No crack. Good.

9. Steel on Steel (7a)
The centre of the wall. Hard sequence through the initial overlap.

10. Mettle Fatigue (6c)
Right-hand line with good moves and tricky at its exit.

11. Pop the Rivet (6a+)
Titbit on right-hand side of the wall