Runyon’s Corner topo

1. I Had a Black Shirt (7a) vague and slightly artificial line right of arete. Worthwhile.

2. Never to Look Back (7b) ★★ classic. Photogenic. Superb climbing on the arete.

3. Stax a Time (7b) hard moves on the left-hand side of the arete. Spaced BRs low down.

4. In the Stox (7a) A worthwhile pitch up the centre of the side wall.

5. As Loose as This ? (6c+) ★ solid. A better route to the left. Fingery and sustained.

6. No Intent (6b+) wall and vague groove/flake on left-hand side of wall.

7. Guilty (6c) tricky start to easier ground above half-height ledge.

8. The Plea (6a+) ★ a fine little route with pleasant face climbing.

9. Witness This (6c+) intense sequence on right-hand side of side wall. Perfect rock.

10. For the Prosecution (6c+) left-hand side of wall. Poor.

11. The Fifth Amendment (6c) technical start up front of pillar. Good.

12. In the Defence (7a) direct line via pillar with scary last clip followed by the crux.

13. Open Verdict (7a+) ★ bouldery start with a mid-height crux. Top end of grade.

14. Community Service (6c+) ★ good, sustained line to the left. A bit hollow low down.

15. The Jury's Out (6c) ★ pillar at back right-hand corner. Boldish and technical. Good.

16. Runyonectomy (6b) short poor wall left of corner.

17. Megaflapped (6c) via overlap and difficult move on upper wall.

18. Overclapped (7a+) tough little cookie through the overlaps.

19. Thundertrapped (7a) short sharp shock via the overlap.

20. Happy, Slappy, Chappy (7a) powerful sequence through overlap.

21. Overslapped (7a) ★ excellent technical face to left, no overlap! Best route on this wall.

22. Kill the Bill (7b+) very technical wall to left. Needs rebolting.

23. Robert's Roberts (7a+) hard sequence through bulge and short wall via undercut.

24. Watch this Space (6c) short technical face on left. Worthwhile.