Nettle Buttress topos

Bursting Out (6c) ★ very pleasant and fingery open scoop finishing leftwards.

Cock a Hoop (6a) short pleasant line with 4BRs (hangers)

1. Kakaho (6a+) third route from the right on the slabs on the right side of the buttress.

2. Fishlock (6b+) ★ left-hand line via slight scoop.

3. Fish-u-Like (6b) left again via sharp edge and short slabby wall.

4. Gobblin' Women (6b+) ★ steep wall and shallow groove/flake system. Hard start.

5. Terra Incognito E5 6b ★ slim groove and difficult bulge in vague arete, PR.

Subterra (7b) ★★ fine and fingery pillar with technical moves high up.

6. No Light E3 5c ★★ the major corner line to a swift exit, crux, at the top.

7. Toys for the Boys (7c+) ★★ the line on wall immediately left. Technical and sustained.

8. General Dismissal E7 6b ★★★ classic bold line on wall to left with 2PRs, a jammed wire and requiring lots of bottle.

9. Fifth Dimension 8b+ ★★★ old project finally climbed in 2020 by Ben Moon.

10. Major Incontinence E5 6c ★ very technical from the ledge, BR, leftwards onto flake.

11. Stung (7b+) ★★ hard fingery moves leftwards through bulge. Finish direct, not right.

12. Esmeralda (7c+) ★★ leftwards through great overhung nose. Very powerful sequence.

13. Sravandrabellagola (7b) ★ the left-hand side of the roof with power moves over.

14. Light Ideas (6c+) ★ something of a warm up with a hard wall finish.

15. Epidavros (6c) ★ bulge into scoop with exit leftwards off ramp.

16. First Light E2 5b ★★ classic ramp line gained from left.

17. The Eve Syndrome E5 6c ★ very technical over the bulge, BR.

18. Summer Wine E5 6a ★★★ classic central line with just enough gear. Sustained.

19. Stuffed Badger E5 6b ★★ fingery and balancy via the obvious ramp in the arete.

20. Long Dead Train (7b) ★ the arete. Very fingery. Direct start makes it 7b+.

21 Suryanamasker E5 6a small grove in arete with PRs.

22 Balanced Ballistics (6b) ★ scoop left of arete exiting right

23 Symmetrical Systems (6b) slim corner to tree

24 Harmonious Harmonica (7a) vague arete to left. Contrived.

25. Snail Mail (6b) poor route on side wall. Totonic (7a+) poor roof.

Around to the left (30m) is a wall with two routes. Personal Voyage (7a) is the right-hand and Back to Basics (6c+) the left via a prow.