Moving Buttress topo

The fine arete of Never Look Back, the boundry between Moving Buttress to its right and Runyon’s Corner to the left.

The routes are described from the arete of Never Look Back from right to left.

1. Never Look Back (7b) ★★ The fine arete taken on its left side.

2. I Had a Black Shirt (7a) vague and slightly artificial line right of arete. Worthwhile.

3. Protest and Survive (E4 6a)

4. Whistling Crack (VS 4b)

5. Gander Meat (E6 6c) ★

6. Dope (7b+) ★★

7. Spirit of the Age (E5 6a)

8. Automonon (E1 5b)

9. Automoton (7a)

10. Monoton (VS 4b)

11. Vibrator (E2 5c)

12. Witch in Stitch (7b) ★★

13. Thin Lizzy (E1 5b) ★★

14. Swinging Wall (VS 4c)

15. A Man Called Horse (7b+) ★

16. Dynamic (E1 5c)

17. Orchrist (VS 4c)

18. Osculation (HVS 5a) ★

19. Wise Up Sucker! (6c+)

20. Your Rotten Thoughts (7a+)

21. Priming the Pump (E4 6a)

22. Oh No It&rspuo;s the Wall to Wall Birthday Party (7a+)

23. Fresh Jive (7c)

24. Shaking Crack (E2 5b) ★★

25. Big Boned Backside Melon (7b+)

26. Dangleberry (VS 4c) ★

27. Thor&rspuo;s Hammer (E1 5b) ★★

28. Socialism (E3 5c) ★

29. Colon (E1 5b) ★

30. Thin Thin Groove (VS 4c)

31. Quake (E1 5b) ★

32. The Price of Fame (E4 6b)

33. Vibration (E1 5b) ★

34. Family Fortunes (7a+)

35. Pushed to the Hilti (6c)

36. Shock the Monkey (E4 6a)

37. Gibbon Take (6c)