Long Wall Left

Long Wall lefthand topo

1. Columnus (7b+)
The innocuous-looking hanging arête.

2. Banana Republic E3 5c
The corner with a tricky entry and exit.

3. The Orange Order (6c)
This fills the gap between Orange Free State and the groove.

4. Orange Free State (6b+)
The left-hand line. Fine wall climbing to a jug-fest roof.

5. Berried (6c)
The right-hand line to breach the upper roof. Intricate low down.

6. Black Rights (7b)
A subtle technical line on the wall to the left. Hard and blind.

7. High Society (7a+) ★★
The first, and easier of two classic 7a+s. Similar to Kiss Me Hardy but with a good rest at half-height.

8. Kiss Me Hardy (7a+) ★★★
A Cheedale classic with sustained but varied climbing. Loss of holds at the start mean using a stick clip for the first bolt.

9. Kiss My Arcy (7b) ★★
Requires both finger power and good technique, all the way to the upper break.

10. Demystified (7b+)
A short intense pitch with very reach dependent bulge. Hard.

11. Mouldwarp Wall (7c+)
Takes a line of very thin (and dirty) holds on the wall immediately to the left. First BR missing.

12. Brothers in Arms (7b+)
The hanging scoop gained by the lower bulge. Suitable for a long-armed dwarf. Desperate.

13. Project (open)

14. Rouge Total (7b)
More desperate moves through the lower bulge.

15. Total Rock (7c)
A long-standing project with desperate moves.

16. Jungle Rock (7b)
Another powerful bulge into vague right-facing shallow groove.

17. Some Things Change (7b+)
The bulge left again is harder. The immaculate, though short wall leads to bulge on left.

18. Fatal Attraction (7a) ★★
Steep powerful pulls through the initial bulge lead to more of the same at the final overlap.

19. Lucky Finger (7b)
Climbs the vague arête with sustained climbing and the crux at the top. Well worth seeking out.