Joint Effort Wall

Hell Driver HVS 4c thin crack up left-hand side of slabs to wide crack finish

Traffic Cops E2 5b bold slab to the right direct to high corner system and cracks above. Bold.

Fiat HVS 5a thin crack left of flake direct to angled overlap. Traverse right under this, PR, and finish via Suscipiat

Herald Vitesse E1 5b ★★ straight up steep wall, PR to gain cleaned ledge. Climb the centre of the face above via a faint crack, cross the overlap and finish via a Sycamore sapling.

1. Xenophobia E1 5a the left-hand arete of the wall starting via a flake on its left-hand side. Bold and sadly neglected.

2. Suscipiat VS 4c ★ the left edge of the wall leads steeply to fluted cracks and easier climbing slightly rightwards via the obvious cracks to the top.

3. Sunai E1 5b ★ an eliminate line squeezed between the two cracklines trending slightly rightwards past a niche with difficulty to a ledge. Finish via a short black slab trending rightwards.

4. The Nails E1 5b ★★ the next crackline via a collection of railway nails heading slightly rightwards to a tricky finale in the final groove.

5. Soft Times E1 5c ★ climb the black face 4m right of the Nails, comes a little close at one or two spots, to reach the foot of its groove. Finish up the slab to its left.

6. Welcome to Hard Times E2 5c ★★★ Superb. Fine, technical face climbing up the centre of the wall leads to an impasse at a bulge, thread runner. Pass this with difficult and at the next break step left to finish up the nails. 7. The Direct Finish E3 5c ★ provides further technicalities without the comfort of good protection.

8. Joint Effort HVS 5b ★★★ the classic of the wall with excellent sustained climbing after a difficult initial 5m. Follow the crack

9. Badlands E3 6a these eliminates are growing. Climb the slender pillar between the two cracklines to an impasse at a bulge. Step right and finish via Captain Reliable.

10. Captain Reliable E2 5c ★★ climbing the next crackline to reach a bulge where the difficulties begin. Pass this to the right and stand up over the bulge via a long reach. Finish more easily.

11. Private Gripped E6 6b ★ From the top of the crack on Captain Reliable, step left and climb the blank-looking , and it almost is, wall with little or no further gear. Harrowing.

12. Extra Effort E2 5c tackle the blunt pillar to the right of Captain Reliable without resorting to easier ground on the right.

13. Investal HVS 5a a poor vegetated groove and crackline to the right leads into a scoop. Finish on good rock via some obvious calcite holds.

14. Clowning E2 5b ★ the vague arete of the Investal depression and left of the prominent thin crackline of Cathy's Clown gives steep climbing requiring careful selection of protection.

15. Cathy's Clown E2 5c ★★ Superb. Climb the centre of the yellow wall via small calcite flutings and thin cracks to reach a bulge wherein the crux lies to reach an open groove above.

16. Cathy's Clown Right-Hand E3 5c ★★ branches right from the break to climb the wall on small flutings. Incorporates the old direct finish to Liquid Courage.

17. Liquid Courage E2 5b ★★ another classic pitch taking the fine fluted crack in the yellow-flecked wall. Nowhere hard but just merits the grade because of its steepness.