Smalldale Left

This covers the crags up to the left of Main Wall including the routes on the left side of the Main Wall buttress.

Bosch Wall

Smalldale topo 3

On the upper left-hand side of the walls are four short but worthwhile routes.

1. Bish, Bash, Bosch (6b)
One hard move.

2. Bolt 45 (6a+)
Feels more like an E2 5b!

3. Bosch Spice (6a+)
More like an E3 5b!

4. Eight till Late (6a)
Quite pleasant.

Six Bee Walls

The Six Bee walls are notable for their total absence of 6b’s. More short routes for the connoisseur that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Smalldale topo 3

1. Beastiality (6a)
The furthest left up a detached pillar of rock.

2. Killer Bee (6c)
The best of the bunch here.

3. The Ladybird Killers (6c+)

4. Six Bee or Not Six Bee? (6c+)
Presumably not! Quite technical.

5. Bee Movie (6a+)

6. To Bee a Star (6a)
Pleasant wall with steep finish.

7. Terry and June (6c)
On the first topo! Wall to technical finish in thin crack.

The corner to the right is Play it Again Sam (HVS 5a).

Obelix Walls

Smalldale side wall topo 3

These are just to the left of the Main Wall after it turns from the arête of First Offence (which is 6c+).

8. Tawk the Squawk (7a)
On the second topo. Left-hand side of arête.

9.. Squawkietawkie (7a)
Hanging arête with hard start through roofs.

10. Can’tgetmyfix (6c+)
Thin crack and arête.

11. Obelix (7b)
Centre of fine tower with intricate fingery finish.

12. Getafix (7b)
The right arête of tower is bold and fine.

13. Play it Again Sam HVS 5a The obvious corner line right of the arête.

14. Reservoir Frogs (6c+) ★★
A fine climb directly up the centre of the slim wall between the corner and the arête. Hard to read and with some committing moves near the top.