Crystal Wall

Fringe Meeting (6a) small wall 20m left of main wall.

1. Old Biddy Flogger (6a) pleasant arete after hollow start.

2. Floggin' a Dead Horse (6b) ★ fine wall climbing on good rock Rebolted and new belay added.

3, The Crystal Maze (6c+) ★ better, escalating to a difficult finish.Rebolted. Extra bolts added.

3. Hollow Inside (6b) the central line via a flake and hard finale.

4. The Quartz Tricycle (6b+) ★ enjoyable face to finish via pillar. Rebolted.

5. Friezian (6b) technical face, easier above. Rebolted and extra bolt added.

6. Lady Luck (6b) ★ fine route with hard start. Rebolted. Extra bolt added.

7. Just Passing Through (6b) ★ rough face to tricky finale. Rebolted. Extra bolt added.

8. Sock it to 'em (5) ★★ excellent open face. Rebolted. Extra bolts added.

Going Straight Wall

1. Sock it to 'em (5)

2. Stone the Crows (6b) ★ wall and cracks to final tower in fine positions.

3. Blockheads (6c) new line via edge of white streak.

4. Learn the Lingo (6c) ★★ long sustained face climb. Rebolted.

5. Mr. Love Pants (6b+) ★★ more of the same just right. Rebolted.

6. Shanacie (6b) ★★ now climbed with a direct start and central section. Rebolted.

7. Riding the Bullet (6c) ★★ open face to excellent finish. Rebolted. Extra bolts added.

8. More Chattery Teeth (6b) ★★ tricky start to easier climbing right of crack.Rebolted. Extra bolts added.

9. (Open Season+) ★ steep start, then pleasant to crack finale. Rebolted

10. Upminster Kid (6b) steep face to join:Rebolted. Extra bolts added.

11. Going Straight (6b+) ★★ superb face climbing to finish via tower. Rebolted.

12. Friend 15 (6b) new direct start.Rebolted. Extra bolts added.

13. Shame on You (6b) short technical face from ramp. Rebolted.

14. The Awesome Foursome (6b+) short boulder problem route

15. Single Decker (6a+) short route with one hard move.

Two routes further right, not shown on topo are:

Triple Sec (6b+) easy wall to ledge and pillar above. Hollow central section.

More for Four (6b+) Easy lower wall to ledges and arete above.

Double Wammy (6b+) ★ terraced wall at right of crag.