Pin Dale Topo

Lower Tier

The Pinnacle

This is situated at the far left-hand end of the quarry:

Pin Dale Left

1. Won’t get Fooled Again (7a+)
The left-hand side of the arête with a sneaky finish using holds on the right.

2. Pindale Wizard (6c+)
The excellent right-hand side of the arête with a stopper finish.

3. Deaf, Dumb and Blind Kid (5+)
The thin juggy crack on the right-hand side wall.

4. Substitute (6a)
branches off right onto a ramp.

Pinstripe Wall

The open quarried wall with a series of small arêtes and delicate features.

Pinstripe Wall

1. Pinterest (5)
The very pleasant arête.

2. Pins and Needles (6c)
The right-hand side of the arête has some insecure moves.

3. Pinto (6b)
The flat face above the ledge proves quite technical

4. Pino (5+)
The pleasant shallow groove

5. Pinstripe (6a)
A short route with a fingery finale

6. Pin Job(6b)
The vague arête with a technical wall.

7. Pinheads (6b)
The best route on this wall up the centre of the face

8. Pintail (5+)
The right-hand arête with a short finishing wall.

9. Unpinned (6a)
A short technical wall on the right

Moss Slab

Obvious by name with a small low-level cave off to the right.

Moss Slabs

1. Moss Edge (6b+)
An easy start leads to a technical finale.

2. Mossover (5)
The left-hand of two pleasant slab climbs.

3. Pin Slab Classique (5)
The better right-hand line.

4. A Rolling Stone Gathers… (5)
Steep start finishing on a nose.

5. Pin Tale (6b)
Tricky moves above the ledge via an incredible through hole.

6. Can’t Pin it on Me (6b)
The technical corner line.

7. Pin Job (6c)
The arête is very worthwhile.

The Upper Tier

Gained by an obvious track at a higher level with a group of nondescript lines.

The Upper Tier

1. One Year Older (4)
Difficult to spot and needs lower off karabiner.

2. One Year Nearer (5+)
The left-hand side of the slabby-looking face.

3. Once a Year (6a)
The central line.

4. Nine Times Table (6a)
The best of the lot hereabouts.

5. The Ministry (6a)
The left-hand of three past a ledge.

6. The Infamy (6a)
The best of the right-hand trio.

7. The Industry (6a)
The right hand line.