Blatant topo

1. Chug, Chug, Chug (6b)

2. For the Good of the Cause (5+)

3. Close to the Edge (6b)

4. Every Breath you Take (6c) ★★

5. Eye-catching Cod Piece (6b+) ★

6. Pipistrelle (6a)

7. Rave On (6a)

8. Chill Out (6a+)

9. Feel the Beat (6b) ★ based on the upper slab via shallow groove

10. Emission Control (7a) ★ hard right-hand start.

11. Good Vibrations (7a+) ★★ best route up wall finishing via flake groove

12. Wobbly Wheels (7b) ★ branches right off Good Vibrations to climb centre of wall.

13. Loco-Motion (7a+) ★ easy start then steep white wall

14. Love is a Swallow (6a+) ramp and then short steep wall

15. The Runaway Train (6a+) easier wall to fingery slab.

16. Came down the Track (6b) ★ wall on right with step finish.

17. One Track Offensive (6a) branches right to climb groove

18. Burning Rails (5+) Wall on right to steep finale.

At the far right-hand side of the cliff is another buttress with three routes:

19. Sidetrack (6c) climbs the steep, right-hand side of the wall 20. Steaming (6b) climb the cracks in the centre of the wall and 21. Puffing (6b+) climbs the left-hand side of the wall.