The Gallery Left-Hand

1. On a Swing and a Prayer (6b+) ★ climb the slab up and leftwards to the corner. From the top of the corner swing wildly left on a huge jug. Move left and then up to the lower off.

2. Infantile Disorder (6c+) ★★ climb the slab to a large overhanging flake. Up this to surprising holds and the upper slab. "Who says sport routes lack character?".

3. Nil by Mouth (6c+) ★ This route skirts the main overhang on the right before working back left to gain the upper slab and lower off on Infantile Disorder.

4. Language, Truth and Logic (7a+) ★★ the start is in line with yellow 22 painted on the road. A steep and technical route of quality.

5. Stagger Lee (7a) ★★ starts just left of some orange lichen. Pass an obvious detached block (apparently solid but avoidable by using a tree root on the right). Finish at a short corner. Devious.

6. Intimate Strangers (7a) ★★ starts just left of a white circle painted around two drilled holes. Climb directly up the wall an faint groove to gain the left-hand side of a small slab at the top of the crag. Powerful.

7. Renaissance Man (7a+) ★★★ starts just right of the painted circle taking the steepest part of this wall. From undercuts at the top of the slab launch up and slightly right of the bolts before moving back left to more undercuts. Renaissance Men (and women) will elegantly layback the fin on the left. Medievalists will struggle up to the chain.

8. Fever Pitch (6c+) ★★ another fine route which gains the undercut slab (bolt) and finishes up the right-leaning flying groove.

9. Swiss Tony (6b) ★ start up the hanging rib (2 bolts) then work up to the niche in the roof. Finish directly above.