Incompetence Area

This section of cliff lies beyond an area of grassy ramps and walls of poor rock. A large Ash tree sprouting from cliff gives another strong identifying feature.

1. Rough Cut (VS 5a) broken cracks gain a flake. Moves left and up give an awkward exit.

2. Crystal Ship (E3 5c) ★ a technical and worrying experience on the wall to the right via a small overlap.

3. Dope on a Rope (E5 6a) ★a serious little route gaining the shallow scoop in the smooth-looking wall to finish out of its right-hand side past a PR. This is OK to clip, the rest of the gear is difficult to place.

4. Dead Fingers Talk (E3 6a) ★ Move left from Inelegance to climb to gain a rightwards trending finger crack.

5. Inelegance (VD) ★★ the obvious diagonal line via a series of good flakes.

6. Inspiration (HS) ★ the prominent hand-width crack to the right to join Inelegance.

7. Incompetence (HVS) ★★ the open crackline gives pleasant climbing to a finish on the right.

8. Insecure (HVS 5a) ★ the obvious zig-zag crackline gained from a small ledge. Finish more easily leftwards

9. Ashgrove (VD) the chimney