Bootlace Area

Another pleasant little area with ease of access. The routes are short and suffer the same problems of popularity as Hornblower area.

1. Crackstone Rib (E1 5a) the wall and scoop gained from Ashgrove Prelims.

2. Ashgrove Prelims (VS 4c) ★the orange groove and layback crack.

3. Black Ash (HVS 5b) the slabby wall and thin cracks to its left give a tricky pitch.

4 Black Path (E2 5b) the centre of the wall with little in the way of gear.

5. Flakeless Groove (HS) the wall and crack from the top of the left-hand of two pinnacles.

6. Gardener's Question Time(S) the grotty groove above the right-hand pedestal

7. Scarface Groove (D) the obvious poor groove.

8. White Crack (VD) the leftwards crack system

9. Rich's Robbery (S) the black wall

10. White Groove (S) the left-trending crack

11. Twisting Corner (HS) the prominent wide crack

12. Bootlace Thread (E5 6a) ★ a minor gem. From 2m up Twisting Corner, move right onto the wall and climb positively, directly and quickly to claim the pitch.

13. Cornucopia (HVS 5a) ★pleasant climbing with a layback start.

14. Shabby Slab (E1 5a) ★ pleasant climbing with an airy start on good rock with an insecure feel to it.

15. As yew Like It (S) ★ the crack.