Access & Layout


Undeniably the most popular of the Eglwyseg Valley crags, World’s End has ease of access and quick drying nature and a wealth of routes across a wide spectrum of grades.

Allied to this the atmosphere of the crag, lying as it does in a quiet wooded valley, is one of a relaxed nature and the route never feel too intimidating.

The cliff dries very quickly, is sheltered, takes relatively little seepage and is a fine venue for most months of the year, even in winter as long as a strong wind is not blowing.

Approaches and Access

The easiest way to get to the cliff is to gain the valley road from Llangollen via Dinbren Road alongside the Taxi-Demist shop on the north side of the River Dee. Follow this road westwards for approximately 8 kilometers until you come to a ford below the cliff. Cross this until in 400m a parking area will be seen on the left-hand side of the road. Walk back down to the ford from where a prominent path leads to the right-hand side of the upper tier.

The various sections of the cliff are clearly marked on the layout and are obvious as they are approached from right to left.