Right Buttress

Twilight Tower Buttress Right

1. Wood Pigeon Crack VS 4b the groove right of the tree finishing right around the overhang.

2. Goin' to a Go Go (7b+) ★ super technical fingery climbing up the centre of the buttress with a frustrating start

3. Go-a-Go-Go E2 5b ★ super. Climb the prominent groove to the roof, exit left and up via a Go-a-Go-Go flake.

4. High Impedance E2 5c ★ the direct finish to Go-a-Go-Go over the roof

5. Attenuation VS 4c the rounded buttress to the right to a tricky finish

6. Moncrieff VD the leftwards leaning wide crack. Poor

7. Ivy Tower Chimney VD past the tree finishing leftwards

8. Cow Parsley VD the direct finish above the tree

9. Skullion VS 4b ★ pleasant climbing above the flake and crack above

10. The Clearout VS 4b the crack with a serious of hollow blocks

11. Helme's Highway S the shallow corner and groove.

12. Eclipse HVS 5a pleasant climbing via scoops on the slab

13. Onegin S the wide crack behind the tree