Bitter Entry Area

1. Shadow (E3 6a) Shallow scoop and thin crack.

2. Silhouette (6c+) Desperate lower bulge

3. Caricature (6c+) Again a hard bulge but good climbing

4. Slim Faster (6c) Bulge and tricky wall exiting right from stump to BB.

5. Crash Diet (6c+) ★ Harder wall and through bulge direct to BB.

6. Calorie Control (7a) ★ Hard technical wall exiting left through square overhang.

7. Hungry Days (E3 5c) ★ Technical face avoiding overlap to exit right over roof.

8. Bitter Ender (E1 5b) ★ Obvious leftwards undercut with tricky exit.

9. Bitter Entry (E2 5c) ★ Crack above arched roof to exit through final roof.

10. Lemon Entry (E3 5c) ★ Excellent thin crack with a difficult entry and exit!

11. Forced Entry (E3 5c) ★ Leftwards trending groove past two prominent PRs.