Suspect Walls

1. Prime Suspect (4) tricky start above ledge then easier face climbing

2. Innocence (5) blunt rib and easier upper wall.

3. Crime Scene (6b) slim wall to technical upper face

4. Suspectus (6a) slim brown-stained groove to shallow groove in upper wall.

5. Suspect Device (6a) blunt rib to overlap and fingery pull onto headwall.

6. Suspect Criminal (6b) ★ pleasant rib to tricky moves through steepening onto face.

7. Under Suspicion (6a+) ★ easier ribs to half-height then a fine overhanging finish.

8. Cluedo (5+) fine rock and climbing on the grey wall to easier ground.

9. Forensic Science (5) obvious arete to ledge, then easier climbing rightwards.

10. Forever the Suspect (6a+) ★ excellent rock and climbing on the left-hand side of a calcite wall.

11. Haven't Got a Clue (6a) ★ the right-hand side of same wall.

12. Proven Guilty (5) face, tricky overlap and blunt square-cut rib.

13. Plea for Leniency (6a) left-hand of two routes through prominent overlap further right.

14. No Remittal (6a) right-hand line is more of a 'graunch'.

15. Disappearing Act (5) ★ the slim groove line gives good climbing

16. Clue, So? (4) ★ the next arete gives a super little route

17. Amateur Sleuth (5+) the final route on this wall with a tricky start.

1. Who's Sam? (4) the obvious rib above the obvious lettering.

2. Sam's the Man (6b) the wall to the right via the prominent roof.

3. A Leaf out of Sam's Book (6a+) blunt arete and black slabby wall.

4. Sam-Sam, the Pan Man (6b) rib and overlap finishing via arete and overhang.

5. Sam-Sam Alert (6a+) wall above ramp with tricky move past first BR.