Soho Walls

Eagles Nest Crack HS short groove between trees, then left and up slabby walls to top

1. Dead or Alive VS 4b the wall between the two trees

2. Alive not Dead VS 4c the groove behind the whitebeam tree.

3. Neon Knights E2 5b short wall from recess to pleasant groove.

4. Phallic Tower HVS 5a the broken wall moving right and up via a small pillar

5. Marnie HVS 4c ★ the wall and hanging groove to the left gives a fine pitch.

6. Life of Dubious Virtue E4 6b the thin crack in the slim wall.

7. Y Corner VS 5a the obvious Y shaped cracks on the left wall.

8. Too Many Women E2 5c left-hand side of wall.

9. Vacances Verticale E2 5c ★ centre of wall with PR.

10. Darling Rose E3 6b right-hand side of obvious wall via BR and starting via faint corner.

11. Foot Loose and Fancy Free E1 5b steep crack left of arete to the same scrappy groove.

12. Marander HVS 4c square cut niche, hanging slab on left and scrappy groove.

13. Russian Roulette E1 5a thin cracks in left wall of scoop, finishing via groove.

14. Solo in Soho E3 6a ★★ Superb climbing via scoop finishing via layback crack.

15. Alchemy E3 6a very fingery climbing up the vague rib to the left.

16. Devil's Alternative E1 5b slab above niche finishing between two trees. Side runners protect.

17. Toccata VS 5a ★ The prominent crack line gives a pleasant pitch.

18. Play to Kill E2 5c wall from 3m up obvious crack. Finish through small overlap.

20. Shoot to Thrill E6 6b ★★★ centre of clean white face starting via overhung niche. BR on face. Superb.

21. Midnight Special HVS 5b slightly overhanging crack and easy groove above