Transition Area

1. Fraction Fictor E4 6b the desperate little face just right of Friction Factor.

2. Friction Factor E2 6a Pleasant technical face with hard move past PR.

3. Lickin' Lollipops (7b) ★ right-hand line on domed face. Technical and fingery.

4. Candy (7b) ★ Super, super-technical central line of face.

5. Shy of Coconuts (7a) ★ Technical moves via thin crackline. Rebolted

6. Spastic Spider E2 5c Bulge and slab into groove, then right and up right-hand of two grooves.

7. The Sinking Shrinking Shrimp E2 5c ★ Left-hand groove, TRs, then left across face to BB.

Mercy, Mercy Me (6b+) ★ the excellent blunt rib to a new lower off.

8. What's Goin' On (6c+) ★★★ Superb angled line onto front face gives a fine technical pitch.

9. Through the Grapevine (7a+) ★★ The super direct start through the overlap.

10. Mental Transition E4 6a ★★★ A hard bulge with PRs, then the final technical face on the right.

11. Demolition Man E4 6a ★ Ingenious moves into a faint groove system. RPs essential.

12. Eddie Waring Lives On E4 6a ★ Unusual line through bulge and onto upper wall via flake.