Stress Test Area

Heloma Durum (6a+) pleasant smooth-looking wal right of Exostosis.

Just a Tad E1 5b wall and overlaps right of Little Frogs, taken direct.

Unmegaladon (6c) blunt rib right of 1 has no lower off.

1. Baby Frogs with Dirty Little Lips E4 6b ★ short wall, difficult overlap and flake. BR, PR.

2. Dangermouse E6 6b ★★ slight arete, left side of overlap and bottomless groove. Old situ gear. Hard.

3. Whispering Wall E3 5c ★ cracks in side wall behind tree.

4. Storm Rider E3 5c twin faint cracks and shallow groove on wall left of huge tree.

5. Baron Greenbach E5 6a ★ fine technical grey face with PR.

6. Bagpus E4 6a ★ thin cracks and smooth-looking wall just left.

7. Poison Letter E2 5c wall and smooth groove to left.

8. Origami Today E3 6a ★ fingery lower wall, BR, TR and thin crack on vague arete.

9. Ornamental Art E4 6b desperate bulge and wall to hanging groove.

10. Vicious Circles E5 6b ★ hard series of moves through bulges to arete. BRs.

11. The Soft Machine E5 6b ★ fine thin crack with sustained climbing. PR and TRs.

12. Stress Test E4 6b ★ fine grey wall complete with unnerving flake. 2PRs.

13. Basket Case E3 6a wall to good hold, then right and up V groove.

14. Mainstay E3 6a easier flakes above start of Basket case.

15. King of Fools E3 6a long traverse left above bulge to gain yellow-coloured hanging groove.

16. Shasavaan E1 5b broken crackline via whitebeam tree.

Wafer Way VS 4c right-hand of four cracks left of yew trees.

Last Fandango E1 5b ★ left-hand of the twin cracks to gain layback flake.