Manakins Area

1. Three Dimensions (E2 5b, 5a) ★★

2. The Marsh Flower (E3 6a) ★ An interesting pitch on the open grey slab with a short tricky section. From below the centre of the slab, climb straight up heading for an obvious blank-looking section, BR. Climb this and continue fairly direct, gradually easing off, to a break. Finish more easily via a crack above.

3. Legacy (HVS 5a, 5a) Begin just left of a prominent yew tree

  1. 19m From the foot of the slab, move left onto a small ledge and then continue leftwards more easily to a tree belay in a large bay.
  2. 2. 20m Traverse right along the prominent break system to finish via a crack above some blocks.

4. Stratagem (E2 5b) ★★ A fine route. From the start of Legacy, climb pleasantly up the slab to a bulge at its top, PR. Move carefully leftwards to reach a break, then move back right and continue up a tree and the large blocks on Legacy. Finish up the crack above.

5. Manikins of Horror (E3 5c) ★★★ A classic. From just right of the small yew tree, gain a break and move left into a small corner, PR. Continue carefully leftwards around the blunt rib onto a steep slab at the foot of a crack. Climb the crack, PRs, to the girdle break. Move left and finish straight up.

6. Swlabr Link (E3 6a, 5a) ★★ A fine but wandering lower pitch.

  1. 24m Follow Manikins past its first PR, then continue straight up to the break, a little contrived. Traverse right along the break, 2PRs to gain a crack leading more easily to a large ledge and tree belay.
  2. 15m Climb the prominent steep crack above.

7. Dance of the Puppets (E6 6b) ★★ A fine hard direct route, low in the grade. Climb the shallow groove just right again to gain a good pocket and bold moves leftwards to reach a break. Tackle the difficult and fingery bulge above, BR, to reach another break and TR. Continue delicately rightwards into a scoop and swing left from a niche, PRs. Exit rightwards, TR, to finish.

8. Swlabr (HVS 4b, 5b) Start below and to the left of the large yew tree in the bay to the right.

  1. 20m climb slightly leftwards up the wall, poor rock, past an ivy patch. Step left to belay on a large ledge.
  2. 15m the groove and prominent crack above.

9. Eliminator (E4 6a) ★★ A superb top pitch. Start 9m right of the large yew tree.

  1. 18m Climb a shallow corner, then trend leftwards to a belay in a curved bay.
  2. 18m Gain the tiered overlaps and power through these, 2PRs, into a smooth-looking recess, TR. Technical climbing up this and through a bulge, PR, gains the top.

10. Pi (8a) ★★ impressive line right of roofs via shallow groove and desperately fingery headwall.