Compact Wall

1. Iron Curtain E2 5c left edge of wall moving right and up via scoop. Needs rebolting.

2. Borderline (6b) ★ direct start to Iron Curtain via fingery and technical moves above a scar.

3. Margin of Error (6c) ★a fine direct line up the centre of the wall. Fingery low down and sustained above.

4. Traction Control (6c) ★★ fine sustained climbing to the top of the wall. A direct to the next route.

5. Checkpoint Charlie (6b+) ★★ Tough start followed by easier climbing straight up to the belay. Excellent again.

6. Lost Control (6b) very technical start to easier climbing straight up to the belay. Gold hangers.

7. The Great Escape (6a) a direct line, easier at first, to a difficult finish on a blunt nose.

8. Over the Wall (5) ★ diagonal line from far right and via a ramp to finish of Checkpoint Charlie

9. I Met a Man from Mars (6a) ★ very pleasant climbing via a prominent shallow flake line right to the top of the wall.

10. Boreholederline (5+) easier line via prominent borehole and bulge.